What we do?

We offer a complete range of packaging solution, highly secured to suit to multi-modal transporation with more secured handling and cost effective by our commmited team.

Crest is a young, vibrant company with a highly talented, dynamic team aspiring to deliver high quality safe and secure packaging solution to any of customer requirements as per international standards, suitable for multi model transit. We have a huge inventory with all kinds of materials required for perfect packaging and lashing, so we can address all your needs 24/7

We offer customized, tailor made solution to cater every single client requirement. We hold a strong expertise in handling wooden pallets , crates , dunnages, plywood boxes, etc., as per ISPM15 standards

We supply all kinds of packing materials , shipment tracking and monitoring equipment such as tilt watches, shock watch and a variety of marking lables.

We can be a one stop solution for all your industrial packaging needs.


Wooden Boxes

Here in Crest we offer boxes made of Pine wood and Country wood. These are tailor made to suit every product intended to be packed strong enough to provide adequate protection during the loading and unloading process.


Plywood boxes

Here in Crest we offer boxes made of high quality plywood AKA birch. Useful for the storage and transport of fragile items that needs a little extra protection. Plywood boxes are more secure than any other type of packaging as they require to be pried open.


Palette crate

Palettes crates are the reflection of true workmanship and finish. At crest we create a tailor made solution to suit the needs of all our customers. We strictly adhere to the ISPM 15 regulations. Palettes are highly economical.



At Crest we provide wooden blocking and dunnage for all industrial customers. We cater both Pine wood and country wood dunnage lumber. We have a huge inventory store for rapid shipment.